If an earthquake occurs when you are home

Your physical safety comes first
  • Stay inside. Get under a sturdy desk or table.
  • Watch out for unsecured furniture or other objects that might fall easily.
  • Know where your escape exits are.
  • If you are on the second floor, stay there.
Extinguish all flames immediately
  • When you feel an earthquake, immediately extinguish all fires. (In the case of severe tremors, do this after you have made certain of your own physical safety.)
    • Shout out to notify everyone to extinguish all fires.
    • Immediately turn off cooking and gas stoves that are in use.
  • After the tremor stops, check throughout and around the house to see if there are any flames or gas leaks.
    • Turn off all gas and electricity at the source.
In the street
  • Stay away from objects that might fall over easily, such as automatic vending machines and cement block walls.
  • Evacuate into a nearby building or a broad open space in order to protect yourself from falling objects.
  • Stay away from dangerous things such as downed power lines.
To those who need support at the time of disaster

Some tips for those who need support at the time of disaster such as earthquake, storm and flood including elderly people, sick persons, disabled persons, infants, and foreigners.

  • When the shake subsides, get someone in your family or neighborhood to check for flames or gas leaks. Ask for further information and instructions.
  • Check your area to make sure that evacuation routes for wheelchairs and stretchers are secured.