Reporting property found in public places such as streets

Property found should be returned to the person who has lost it or should be turned in to a police station, KOBAN (police box) or CHUZAISHO (residential police box) without delay.

If you fail to submit the found property to the police within seven days, you are no longer entitled to the reward from the person who has lost it and furthermore to the property if it remains unclaimed.

The police receiving the lost and found property will return it to the person who has lost it when identified.

If the property remains unclaimed for three months, the right to ownership will be transferred to the finder, after which the finder has two months to claim the property. Please bring the receipt issued by the police.

When a finder returns the property found directly to the person who has lost it, or when the police return it to the person after the finder has submitted it to the police, the finder has the right to a reward.