Chiba Prefectural Police ask for your understanding and assistance in our criminal investigation

Reporting Crimes to the Police

Call 110 or a nearby police station. You can also report crimes at any police station or Koban (police box). Your prompt report will lead to an early arrest of the culprits.

Police Inquiries

Please help us with our inquires about what actually happened or what the culprit looked like. Your cooperation will lead to an early arrest of the culprit and solving of the case. We will arrange an interpreter if necessary. What you tell us will be treated in strict confidence.

Submitting Evidence

We may ask you to submit the clothes/belongings you had when you fell victim to the crime, as evidence to establish the case. These belongings will be returned to you when it is no longer necessary to keep them for investigation and court proceeding.

Attending a Crime Scene Inspection

Crime Scene Inspection means surveying the crime scene and/or other related places. You may be requested to attend the inspection. It may take a long time but we ask for your cooperation as it is imperative to reveal clues and establish a case.