Through the Benefit System for Crime Victims, the national government provides financial benefit, based on the spirit of social solidarity and mutual aid, to crime victims who have become seriously disabled or ill, or to the families of crime victims who have been killed as a result of intentional criminal acts, such as murder; to help alleviate mental suffering and financial damage, and to help them restore peace in their lives.

Crime Victims to be Benefited Victims who have suffered death, serious injury or illness, or disability as the result of criminal acts (excluding negligence) that threaten people's lives or cause personal injury, which were carried out in Japan or on Japanese ships or airplanes in or out of Japan.
Eligible Persons Japanese nationals or residents in Japan. Non-Japanese who reside in Japan at the time of the criminal act resulting in the applicable damage are also eligible for benefit.
Types of Benefit There are three types of benefit, Survivor Benefit to be awarded to the family of the deceased victim, Severe Injury and Disease Benefit to be awarded to victims suffering severe injury or illness, and Disability Benefit to be awarded to victims who have become disabled.

Crime Victim Support Office, Police Administration Division, Chiba Prefectural Police Headquarters at 043-201-0110, ext.2702
a nearby police station